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It is Possible to Defeat a DUI

We have the most proven strategies that we use to approach DUI charges. Call us today to discover your best options.

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In most cases DUI charges stay on your record FOREVER. We will use our knowledge and best strategy to keep your record clean.

Avoid Jail Time

DUI charges can get you 24 hours of jail time. Our DUI specialists will help you to overcome all the problems.

Wasting Time is Critical

You have only 15 days to save your driver’s license from suspension in Seattle, Washington. You need to act fast!

Save Driver's License

A DUI offense will get your driver’s license suspended for at least 90 days. We will fight for you to keep your license.

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Seattle DUI Lawyer

Our professional Seattle DUI attorney is always prepared to use his excessive experience and knowledge in defending you in any DUI related case, be it the first offense or a felony DUI. We understand that a DUI charge can be very embarrassing and overwhelming for you, especially for employment in certain fields that require a clean driving record and reputation. You do not need an attorney who will judge your actions, but an attorney who will defend your rights and help keep your reputation clean.

Furthermore, in any Seattle or Bellevue DUI case, you need a lawyer, who will not be judgmental and will review your case without expressing any negativity in order to provide ample information on the matter. And this is precisely the kind of defense you will get from our experienced Seattle DUI lawyer. Yet, proficient attorney, who handled numerous similar DUI cases, will be there to provide you with proper assistance.


DUI offense is a serious criminal charge that will have a negative impact on your life. Having a DUI on your record will result in expensive insurance rates.

Pavel Kleyner is a seasoned DUI attorney specializing in all kinds of DUI charges. His goal is always to reduce charges or dismiss the case completely.


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It Is Possible To Dismiss a DUI Case

Absolutely it is possible to dispute your DUI charges and to fight against your driver’s license suspension. And in order to alleviate your monetary damages and to get better results in court, you will need to have an experienced and knowledgeable Seattle DUI attorney, such as ours from Kleyner Law Offices. Our Bellevue lawyer will thoroughly review your case in order to make sure that all possible defense strategies are put into action in timely manner. In addition, our lawyer will represent and guide you in a legal battle against the prosecution and the law enforcement.

To ensure positive outcome, our expert Seattle DUI attorney always prepares his cases for trial. Hence, it is nearly impossible to succeed unless you give them all the information and evidence for the case. Experienced Bellevue DUI attorney will not only prevent the prosecutor from proving the case against you, but he will do everything in his power to dismiss your DUI case. And succeed on the administrative DOL hearings, which will help you to save your driver’s license from suspension.

2016 – DUI Case Results: Seattle DUI Defense Chart

  • DUI Cases Dismissed at Pre-Trial - 75%
  • Charges Reduced To Infraction - 7%
  • Reduced To Lower Charges - 15%
  • Case Dismissal After 1-Year - 3%
  • Client Found Guilty / Plea - 0%

Find The Most Realistic Outcome For Your Seattle DUI Case

DUI lawyers in SeattleFirst of all, the most important question you should be asking your Seattle DUI lawyer is “what is the most realistic outcome for my DUI case?” Before you do, of course, you need to honestly and circumstantially describe what happened when you were pulled over and arrested. Therefore, after we hear all the details and receive answers to all our question regarding your situation, we should be able to explain on what to expect for your DUI case.

Hence, it is important to be extra careful and not to get involved with DUI lead generation services. In fact, it is easy to recognize a lead generation service apart from an actual DUI attorney. Consequently, a lead generation agent will be eager to draw you in and will promise you anything just to get you to sign a legal contract. On contrary, our Seattle DUI attorney will never promise you to get your case dismissed unless he is absolutely sure he can make it happen. Our lawyer will ask you about all the details of your arrest and only then will make a prediction.

Furthermore, nearly every reputable criminal defense law firm offers a free initial consultation, these days. Because the initial consultation is just the right time to ask all your questions. This is why we recommend that you come prepared and take a full advantage of our free consultation. In order to do it right, you should prepare a list of questions and go over your list with our Seattle DUI attorneys one by one. Hence, having a so to speak “cheat sheet” will help you address all your worries and not leave anything out due to stress or simple forgetfulness.

Experience The Benefit Of Face To Face Consultation With Your Lawyer

It is absolutely important to have a face to face appointment rather than an over the phone consultation. Unfortunately, an over the phone consultations are often held not by a Seattle DUI lawyer but by a case manager or administrator. As a result, at times, case managers may be very experienced and helpful. They don’t have a right to advice a client or make any kind of predictions on the case. This is why our attorney himself is always ready to take a call and schedule a face to face consultation.

Also, it is extremely important to research your potential Seattle DUI lawyer to make sure he is currently practicing DUI criminal defense. Consequently, lawyers decide not to go to courts with each and every client, but rather send a less experienced associate to handle your case. As a result, such an attorney will not be able to make a realistic estimate for your case. On contrary, our lawyer, who personally represents his clients in court, is acquainted with local judges and prosecutors. Hence, he will know better ways on how to approach them, which can lead to a positive outcome for your case.

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What To Expect After Being Arrested For DUI

avvoFirst of all, the official DUI proceedings are quite confusing and overwhelming. And there is a lot to keep in mind after the DUI arrest. Am I going to spend time in the correctional facility? Am I going to be able to keep my driver’s license? Will it all set me back financially? What will happen during the arraignment? What is an administrative DOL hearing? Will I be able to beat this DUI case? Do I need court probation? Is it necessary to get in touch with an experienced DUI criminal lawyer? Such questions are natural and especially relevant in this kind of situation. And it is very important to get a better understanding of the issue beforehand.

Furthermore, in cases like these, having our qualified Seattle DUI attorney by your side is incredibly beneficial and can influence the outcome of the case in a positive way. Hence, our skillful Seattle DUI lawyer will take his time to explain every detail to you and will come up with a solid DUI defense strategy so as to succeed in court.

Consequently, you will find a lot of useful DUI information on this website. And if you wish to learn more about the DUI defense strategies that will help with your case, do not hesitate to get in touch with our DUI attorney at the earliest opportunity. In addition, we strongly recommend contacting our Seattle DUI Law Offices to schedule a FREE Consultation.

Avoid a Criminal DUI Conviction in Seattle

Most importantly, in most DUI cases, the prosecutor will make you believe that they have you cornered and you have no options left. In truth, there is a large variety of DUI defense strategies that our attorney specialist will be able to use in order to help you avoid conviction.

Here are some examples of successful defense strategies:

  • The law enforcement officer did not have a probable cause to pull over your vehicle
  • Wrongful testing procedures related to breathalyzer and BAC tests
  • Violation of the Miranda rights
  • Unlawful arrest
  • Not enough evidence

Finally, if you were arrested for driving under the influence in Seattle, these defense strategies may well help you avoid harsh penalties. An experienced Seattle DUI attorney will be happy to help you find the right defense strategy and will use it in court so as to fight the DUI charges. Time is of the essence and you must get in touch with the lawyer as soon as possible. You can also hire our DUI lawyer for following cities: Arlington, Auburn, Bellevue, Bellingham, Black Diamond, Bothell, Buckley, Burien, Carnation, Centralia, Chehalis, Cle Elum, Des Moines, Duvall, Edmonds, Enumclaw, Everett, Fall City, Federal Way, FerndaleFife, IssaquahKentMercer IslandRedmond, Shelton and Tacoma

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