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Bellevue is a largest suburban city of the Seattle metropolitan area. The city has rapidly grown over the last fifty years following the opening of Murrow Memorial Bridge and Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. Prior to the opening of the bridges the Bellevue was a largely rural area with very little development. Now days, Bellevue is a beautiful affluent city, which was named among the first five of the best places to live and open business a few times by the CNN Money and USA Today.

Bellevue is a city with a unique blend of cultural attractions and art shows, fine dining and exciting night life and an ultimate shopping destination surrounded by stunning nature and plenty of outdoor space. The city has it all and can satisfy nearly any demand.

Residents and guests of the city can take advantage of numerous parks and hiking and biking trails. Bellevue offers miles of hiking and biking trails, for example Mercer Slough Nature Park, where visitors can spot native wildlife. For those who like to picnic by the lake there are seven beach parks, featuring sandy beaches, playgrounds and picnic areas. Bellevue is a home to more than a hundred public parks and recreational areas. The most favorite among residents is, by far, the Bellevue Downtown Park located at the city’s center. Aside from stunning view of the city, playgrounds and two hundred and forty foot wide waterfall, the Downtown Park hosts one of the most important art shows in the city the Annual Sculpture Exhibition.

Bellevue offers an exciting city life as well. The most popular place among residents is a Bellevue Square, a shopping plaza with upscale stores, hotels, fine restaurants, bars and night clubs. The Bellevue Square is considered a center of social life of the city and always filled with people. Unfortunately, some of these people get carried away and have a little too much fun. Of course, in such a fun filled place it is rather easy to lose a sense of time and have one drink too much before getting behind the wheel of your car. Bellevue Police Department is well aware of that and pays extra attention to the surrounding area of the Bellevue Square. There is no doubt, if you get behind the wheel drunk you will get pulled over and arrested. If you found yourself in such an unpleasant situation, do not hesitate to call Bellevue DUI Attorney.

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