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Black Diamond is a small city in King County with population of less than five thousand people. The city was established in late eighteen hundreds and was mainly rural coal mining area. The mine was owned by the Black Diamond Coal Mining Company, so the city was simply named after the company.

Now days the city of Black Diamond is mostly a commuter community for people who hold jobs in Seattle, Bellevue and other nearby cities. The city of Black Diamond itself is mainly residential area with a low number of businesses, which gives the city home like filling.

Black Diamond is a family friendly community oriented city with wide variety of parks and recreations. The Lake Sawyer Regional Park is by far the most favorite place among the residents. The park features hiking and biking trails, lake access with boat rentals and plenty of space for picnics. Community parks in the city of Black Diamond feature basketball and tennis courts and soccer fields. The Little League Ball Fields hold seasonal games and are followed by the neighborhood picnic.

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In such city where everybody knows your name, like Black Diamond, it is important to keep your name and criminal record clean. Black Diamond DUI Attorney understands it and does everything he can in order for his clients to keep their name clean. Everyone makes mistakes especially when your judgment is clouded by the alcohol and your home is just a few blocks away. Unfortunately, if you get behind the wheel drunk you will be pulled over and arrested.

However, being presented with DUI charges does not necessarily mean you are in trouble. Often enough, the arresting officer breaks a few vital rules and Black Diamond DUI Attorney knows how to prove that. For instance, if there was no probable cause for stopping you in the first place, the charges of DUI might be dropped completely. However, this is only one example how the Black Diamond DUI Attorney can help drop your charges. There are many other ways of making sure your name and record will stay clear and Black Diamond DUI Attorney knows them all.

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