Seattle DUI Cases And Proposition 47 Reduction

Proposition 47 became active back in 2014, and it really is a very interesting addition to the legal process in general as it lowers a number of felony offenses to mere misdemeanors. Of course, that is assuming that all of the legal requirements and conditions are met in full. What this basically implies is that a number of felony crimes can be reduced to misdemeanors, which is a huge advantage for those who were charged after Proposition 47 was introduced into the justice system. Needless to say, though, in order to make use of this legal advantage, you will need to correspond to certain criteria. Not every single felon will have the ability to reap all of its benefits.

Initially, Proposition 47 had an ultimate goal to the reduce costs of law enforcement. During the past several decades, the money spent on locking people up in jails and prisons has reached a sky high limit. Hence, it is only natural that the authorities would want to resolve the issues by lowering down the number of people who could be sentenced to time behind bars. Still, the given Proposition does not apply automatically to all cases. Every single case is unique in its own way and will first be reviewed to establish whether a person is eligible for reducing their sentence.

If you were engaged in some criminal activities in the past, you will not be eligible for Proposition 47. Furthermore, if there was a sex offense involved or perhaps a gun crime, there is very little chance that Proposition 47 will even be taken into any consideration. In fact, the judge will review all the evidence of the case in order to make an educated decision on whether or not you may be eligible for Proposition 47 in the first place.

What is interesting is the fact that the Proposition could also be applied to nearly any case for those already spending time in jail or prison, but were sentenced before the Proposition came into full effective back in 2014. Hence, if the convict appeals for Proposition 47, the case will be reviewed and another sentence will take the place of the old one. Moreover, in some  cases, this may well result in immediate release right after.

However, one must keep in mind that cases of driving under the influence (DUI) do not apply for Proposition 47 and so a DUI felony cannot be turned into a misdemeanor just yet. In fact, there is a very short list of crimes that could be eligible for Proposition 47 reduction, namely grand theft, shoplifting, fraud, forgery, acquiring stolen property, writing a bad check, and the like. Furthermore, the given Proposition also applies if the case involve the personal use of illegal drugs.

Despite the fact that DUI is not eligible for a reduction in line with Proposition 47, it does not necessarily imply that nothing could be done to help you out. After all, the existing DUI legislation already offers all kinds of tools and options to help you reduce the sentence or dismiss it. Here is a brief summary of what could be done to help you avoid the maximal legal consequences.

First of all, no one should underestimate the value of the Fourth Amendment. And if there is any indication that the defendant’s legal rights were not taken into consideration, this will provide a strong initiative to the defense. After all, if any of the evidence was not accumulated in a legal manner or in line with all the Fourth Amendment rights, it will weaken the prosecution’s case. Consequently, the charges will either be lowered to a minimum or the case will be dismissed.

In addition, there is yet another tendency in the DUI defense process – who is to say that your alcohol levels were high when you were actually operating a vehicle? Perhaps it rose after you were pulled over and that valuable point may also be used by the attorney to help you out.

In order to make the most from your legal defense, you will need to get in touch with a qualified, genuinely experienced Seattle DUI lawyer who will not let you down and will help you reduce your sentence or will get the case dismissed.

Supreme Court’s Decision on Sobriety Tests

It is a well-known fact that the Supreme Court makes the most impactful decisions in June, when they close down most of the cases and rulings from the previous season. This time it was no different as the Supreme Court ruled out yet another eventful decision that will have an impact on American lives.

This time, the Supreme Court ruled out a decision on a pretty important matter – just how far the law enforcement authorities will be able to go in order to establish if a person is driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. In a 5-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled out that refusing to submit yourself to a breathalyzer test should be considered as a crime and that the law enforcement authorities have no need for a warrant to administer such a test to begin with. One of the Court’s judges wrote that breath tests are significantly less intrusive than the blood tests and, therefore, there could be no reason why a person would refuse to submit to it, unless he or she has something to hide to begin with.

One the other hand, the Court ruled out that blood alcohol tests are significantly more intrusive and do require to pierce a person’s skin to obtain a physical sample that could eventually be used as evidence in court. Hence, the Supreme Court made a decision that the law enforcement authorities will need a warrant to administer the blood alcohol tests.

Even before the Supreme Court’s rulings, 11 states, including North Dakota and Minnesota, were already applying harsh legal penalties for the people who refused to submit themselves to the breathalyzer tests and they lost their driving privileges. Now that the Supreme Court made a definitive decision, it is quite apparent that more and more states will follow. We are bound to see more breathalyzer tests and fewer blood tests since it is inconvenient for the law enforcement authorities to begin with.

Now that the Court ruled out that the law enforcement authorities do not need a warrant to administer a breathalyzer test, it is quite apparent that the drivers will not be left any choice. After all, there is no need to choose the blood test if the police have the right to administer the breathalyzer right there and then.

There is also one very important issue that also needs resolution. Obviously, breathalyzers are useless in determining if a person was driving under the influence of drugs, so will the law enforcement authorities have the right to apply blood tests if they have suspicions? This problem needs to be resolved in the future. Seeing how more and more states are actively legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, it would only be natural for the court to revisit their decision quite soon and to figure out what is to be done with those driving under the influence or marijuana.

Two Supreme Court members had different opinions on the matter. One of them suggested that there is no need for the warrants for both the blood test and the breath test. Another member of the court suggested that there is a need for a warrant in both of the situations; otherwise, the need for a warrant will turn into nothing more than a mere suggestion.

Hence, it is obvious that refusing a breath test is no longer an option and will make things worse for the possible offenders. Furthermore, as a warrant is required to perform a blood test, it is only natural that the law enforcement authorities will choose the path of least resistance and will apply the breath tests all the time, whether you like it or not.

If you or your loved ones were charged with DUI and you do not know what to do next, it is extremely important not to lose any time and to get in touch with a professional skillful Seattle DUI attorney as soon as possible. That way, you will be able to avoid all the harshest legal consequences and get the most from your legal stance.

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Less DUI Cases Related to Alcohol – Increases in Drug Related Offenses

There is good news for responsible drivers – the number of people who drive and drink alcohol at the same time has decreased significantly. In fact, it  reached a new low in 2007. Nevertheless, at the same time, there is also bad news – the number of people who are choosing to operate their vehicles under the influence of cannabis and other drugs has increased progressively. In fact, every fourth driver was reported to be driving under the influence of drugs at least once according to an anonymous survey that was conducted five times over the course of the last 40 years.

With that said, driving under the influence of drugs is no different than driving under the influence of alcohol in the eyes of law enforcement authorities. It is a serious offense that may well carry the very same consequences as driving under the influence of alcohol. Furthermore, more and more people these days are being arrested for driving under the influence just because they were driving and taking their prescription medicine at the same time. Too many remedies that are meant to alleviate such conditions as depression or anxiety are deemed drugs by the police. However, too many people do not even realize that they are breaking the law when taking those remedies. After all, very few doctors find it necessary to tell their patients about the dangers of the medicine that they are prescribing and how it could affect a patient’s judgment and ability to drive responsibly.

Driving under the influence is a very serious matter and one that could cost you a whole lot. Still, it does not necessarily imply that you cannot minimize the legal consequences and the penalties you could be facing. In order to do that, you need the help of a qualified, genuinely experienced legal professional. A good Seattle DUI attorney will know how to help you avoid all the most terrifying legal punishments and will help you in court tremendously.

If you or perhaps your loved ones were charged with DUI, it is possible that the charges are unfair, as you were driving under the influence of medication that was prescribed to you by a healthcare specialist. Hence, it would be highly advisable to you to make sure that you have the proper legal representation so you can use your legal rights in court. It is vital for you to make sure that you have a proper attorney that will not let you down and will make the most of your case in the very least amount of time possible.

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Cannabis And Its Impairment Effects On The Driver

We live in a fairly controversial society. After all, alcohol and cigarettes are readily available on pretty much every corner and yet cannabis, or marijuana, is still deemed as something very dangerous, something unpredictable. It is even called the “gateway” drug.

Call it whatever you like, but it is far from being as dangerous and as detrimental as alcohol, though both substances do have a certain impact people’s ability to drive. While there are certain limitations on how much alcohol you are allowed to have in your system when operating a vehicle, there are practically no limitations on how much THC is fine and how much is not.

Well, recent scientific studies clearly demonstrated that both alcohol and cannabis have a very severe effect on how a driver perceives the road. And, while they are strong enough on their own, should you mix alcohol and marijuana, your road sense will be greatly affected and you will not be able to drive safely.

Furthermore, the very same studies also clearly indicated that cannabis, even if taken in small quantities, affects the perception of ‘novice’ smokers to a great extent, not more regular users, so presumably it is also a matter of tolerance.

However, one study showed that people with 13.1 nanograms per liter of THC in their system do have similar effects as 0.8% alcohol. Hence, the results of this study could be used as a means to adopt a mandatory limit on how much THC may be present in our system to drive safely.

The study was conducted within a simulated environment with 19 test subjects. They had to engage within the simulation so as to check how alcohol and marijuana and a combination of both would affect their judgment on the road. The 19th subject, though, was later excluded from the study, since he was a bad driver regardless of whether he was high, drunk, or sober.

While California does not have any specific numbers that would indicate how much cannabis is allowed in our bloodstream for legal purposes, it is apparent that new laws will be considered and adopted in the relatively near future.

It is obvious that cannabis affects driving skills and you really need to be careful and forget about driving while you are impaired. There are cases today when California law enforcement authorities are finding ways to prosecute drivers under the influence of cannabis.

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Being Charged With DUI While Sleeping It Off In The Car

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense and it is punishable by law. However, what if you were not actually driving? Well, many people actually ask their legal representatives whether it is possible to be charged with DUI, even though they were not technically driving their vehicles. The simply answer to that question is – yes, it is very much possible. Nevertheless, it does depend on the circumstances and where you along with the keys from your car were located.

To make things a bit more understandable, let us simply review a couple of examples. For instance, a person walks out of a bar and really feels that he or she drank too much, hence, this individual decides to wait it over, to sober up a bit before driving. Hence, he or she gets in the car, on the front seat and falls asleep to the radio playing. The keys in this keys are in the ignition, but the engine may not be running.

Well, the next moment, out of nowhere, a law enforcement officers appears and is knocking on the window, asking that person to step out from the vehicle. Such cases are far from being rare and actually take place all the time. This is usually happening when the officer notices a single car in a parking lot, on the side of the road, with a person on the front seat, who has fallen asleep apparently. This makes the officers suspicious and they proceed to checking the situation out. And if there are reasons to believe that the person was actually under the influence of alcohol, the law enforcement officer will arrest him or her.

With that said, you will be surprised, but this may very well lead to being charged with misdemeanor DUI. But how is this even possible if you were not actually driving? Well, it is actually pretty simple – the trick is that the person was actually in physical control over the vehicle. That is right – if the intoxicated individual was sitting on the front seat and had keys in the ignition, technically, this may well imply that he or she was able to start the vehicle at any moment and while being under the influence of alcohol.

Furthermore, even if a person was sleeping the effects of alcohol off on the backseat, it does not necessarily make things any better, especially if the keys were in the ignition. The prosecutor may well argue that the individual was also capable of setting the car in motion quickly and therefore was in complete physical control over it. Still, even though it is also an arguable idea to sleep it off in the back of the car, it is far better than falling asleep on the front seat – that much is certain.

One way or the other, it is very important to keep in mind that it is all about the keys and where you put them. It is best to keep them in your pocket or your purse. You may also put them in the console or the glove compartment – anywhere is fine, as long as they are not in the ignition. The engine, of course, must not be running.

In the end, if you wish to avoid such a situation, it is best to make sure that you get a cab or have someone taking you home. These are the better options that will allow you to stay as far away from the legal trouble as possible.

Find more information about Seattle DUI laws here:

DUI Tips That Can Save You from Imprisonment

If you need to avoid any unpleasant interactions with the law enforcement officers, who will arrest you due to reasons to believe that you were intoxicated while driving, it is best to stay away from alcohol if you are planning on driving. Yet, as we may clearly see from the official statistical data, the number of DUI accidents on the roads all over the nation is pretty high and continues to rise, so it is very clear that most people neglect this simple tip and continue drinking before driving.

Too many people these days simply do not understand how serious Seattle DUI charges may really be. We are not talking about a simple fine here – you may easily lose your driving privileges, thousands and thousands of dollars in fines and may easily end up in county jail or state prison. Well, even if those facts do not stop you, at the very least make sure that you are in control of the situation. Hence, if you intend to drink alcohol, make sure that you are eating plenty of food too and drinking simple water. That way, you will not get wasted and will remain in control over your actions. Otherwise, if you are not going to fill your stomach with some food and actual water, you may easily get totally wasted and your chances of getting into legal trouble will rocket up sky high.

Moreover, chances are, you will go to the bar with your friends and buddies and will get drunk there. Well, keep in mind that during weekends and holidays, the law enforcement authorities are practically living near those bars and similar establishments. They are fully aware that a lot of people will neglect the laws, will drink too much and then will get behind the wheel, which is unacceptable. Hence, if that is your plan, at the very least plan your exit before starting to drink and park your vehicle as far away from the bar itself as possible.

In the end, do not forget to memorize the exact route home. Getting lost on a highway, while driving under the influence of alcohol would be the very last thing that you will want to experience. Do your best and keep with the speed limit. Speeding will not just get you in trouble, especially if there is a DUI checkpoint nearby – speeding puts people’s lives at risk and may lead to a genuinely serious accident.

Finally, even though you may not believe everything you read and see on TV, the official statistical data clearly demonstrates that a lot of people are injured or killed in Seattle DUI accidents and other people go to jail for this. Hence, even if you are planning to go to a party, but you know that you are going to be driving home, it is best to have the guts to say no to alcohol consumption. Or you can always request Uber to avoid any complications in your life.

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Criminal Defense For Juvenile Offenders

Needless to say, we all live in a time of progressive technologies as well as various innovative solutions. The market these days is pretty much filled with all sorts of devices, gadgets and gizmos that are meant to significantly alleviate our day to day living. Furthermore, do not forget about the internet and all the possibilities that it is offering. For instance, social media and social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have long since turned into a genuinely invaluable part of the modern society.

With that said, teenagers these days are living in those online worlds and, regardless how well you may think you know your teen son or daughter, there is always a huge possibility that there are things that he or she does not want you to find out, like ever.

Hiring a Seattle criminal defense attorney for your teen son or daughter may seem absurd at first, but a number of criminal cases involving teenagers will prove that it is no joke.

A relatively recent example clearly demonstrates how dangerous some of the modern teenagers’ actions may end up being. An 18 year old girl was charged with manslaughter. This happened after she sent a text message to her close friend, encouraging him to commit suicide. Unfortunately, he did just that. In fact, in his text messages to her he was actually trying to reconsider, but it is apparent that namely her encouraging got him to make the final decision. So what should be the legal penalties for these kinds of actions?  What should the verdict be?

One way or the other, this example really demonstrates that there are plenty of cases when you will need to think about getting in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced criminal defense attorney for teenagers at the earliest opportunity.

In case your teenage son or daughter were charged with Seattle criminal offense, it is of utmost importance to find the most reliable as well as genuinely effective criminal defense attorney at the earliest opportunity. Only a qualified as well as experienced criminal defense lawyer will have what it takes to explain how the law works and what you will need to prepare for in this particular case. Furthermore, do not forget that only a good attorney will be able to represent your teenage son or daughter during the trial, making sure that he or she is getting the best defense possible. Too many parents are concerned with plenty of things when it comes to their children – they are hiring professional tutors and trainers, but too often neglect the need to have a criminal defense attorney – a fully prepared one indeed.

No doubt, it is extremely difficult for any parent to learn that their children were charged with something criminal. After all, we, as parents, are used to think that our children are perfect and will never do anything wrong. Hence, why bother having a criminal defense attorney for teenagers, if your kid will never get into trouble, right? Well, this is where most of the parents are really wrong. Regardless of whether it is a serious felony or a small infraction, parents should always be 100% prepared for any kind of difficulties and legal problems that may arise because of those activities.

After all, your teenage son or daughter may not commit a crime intentionally – he or she may simply be unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Such cases are pretty common. At times, the police make mistakes, at times teenagers get nervous and say things they should not or carry things that they should not. One way or the other, these are already reasons enough to keep a qualified and experienced Seattle criminal attorney ready to help your kids in trouble.

Surely, social media and social networking websites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are becoming more and more popular, especially among teenagers. Hence, parents may not be even aware that their children are creating absolutely different online personas – different from the personas that they are in real life that is.

Furthermore, do not forget that there are plenty of examples from real life that will prove to be challenging to deal with if you do not have any idea about the laws and legislation. For instances, let us say your teenage kid was asked to give his or her phone to the teacher in school, since the teacher has reasons to believe that the teenager was sending inappropriate messages or posting inappropriate images online. So what should the child do in this case? Well, this is why you need to consult a lawyer beforehand. Of course, you do not need to get an attorney degree, but having a bit of understanding of the laws and how these work will be very useful – that much is certain. In a situation like this, when the teenager is asked to handle the phone over for inspection, he or she will need to ask permission to call their parents first.

Finally, parents may also be held legally responsible for the crimes their children commit. Hence, you, as a parent, may even be sentenced to jail in case your child, let us say, drank alcohol and then committed a DUI in Seattle, resulting in some genuinely tragic consequences. Only a good Seattle DUI lawyer will be able to give you a hand in a situation like this. Call us at (855) 858-0853 or fill out online contact form now.

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A Line Is Drawn On Sobriety Tests By The Supreme Court

As you may already know, summer is the most important time for the Supreme Court as this is the time when the Court is clearing its docket of cases of the preceding term. The current season was more eventful than the previous ones. First of all, we are talking about the unexpected passing of Antonin Scalia back in February, which resulted in four on four separated opinions. Despite all that, the court was able to come up with a number of decisions that will impact millions of Americans in a number of ways.

The Court has made a number of significant decisions that concern the criminal law. Namely, on the basis of several cases grouped under the name Birchfield v. North Dakota, the Court has managed to establish the overall limitations of the authority of the law enforcement representatives in determining if the driver is operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or not.

In a five against three opinion that was authored by Justice Samuel Alito, the Court established that refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test in order to determine whether the driver is sober or not is in fact a crime. In case of a lawful arrest a person is required to submit him or herself to this test and should they refuse – this is going to be considered a crime. The Court considered that breathalyzer tests are far less intrusive than the blood tests. In the end, the decision had an impact on the conviction of William Bernard, Jr. – he was prosecuted for refusing to submit himself to the breathalyzer test in Minnesota.

In addition, in yet another case, the case of Danny Birchfield, who was prosecuted in North Dakota for refusing to submit himself to the blood test, the Court ruled out that blood tests are far more intrusive and, even though these are providing actual physical evidence to the law enforcement officers, they must not be obligatory, at least not unless there is another alternative. Hence, the warrant is required in order for the police officers to be able to administer the blood tests.

License Suspension for Refusing a Breathalyzer Test

Before the Supreme Court rules out these decision, 11 states, including North Dakota as well as Minnesota, went beyond the suspension driver’s licenses for people, who are refusing to submit themselves to the breathalyzer tests. Now that the decision was ruled out, it is apparent that more and more states are going to follow and one can expect rising number of breath tests and a significantly lessened number of blood tests indeed.

As you may already know, the California Vehicle Code is stating that any individual “lawfully arrested for driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage… has the choice of whether the test shall be of his or her blood or breath and the officer shall advise the person that he or she has that choice.” Yet, now the Court has made a decision, which implies that no warrant is required for the administration of breath test and yet a warrant is needed for the administration of a blood test.

The above-mentioned options, the choices that are available for the drivers, who are suspected to be driving under the influence of alcohol, are now becoming obsolete. The warrant is no longer required for breath tests and yet the police needs one in order to administer a blood test. It is still unclear how it will function and how it will affect the above-mentioned paragraph from the Vehicle Code.

Moreover, it is completely unclear how this decision is going to affect the drivers who are operating their vehicles under the influence of drugs. That is right – people under the influence of illegal substances will need to give a blood sample in order to determine what they were on while driving. The breath test is not going to do any good in this case.

The Decision of The Supreme Court

Needless to say, the decisions of the Supreme Court members were also divided. While some of them were saying that neither form of testing should require a warrant, others claimed that the warrant is absolutely necessary for both blood and breath tests.

One way or the other, this decision I going to have a significant impact on the lives of the average Americans. Refusing to submit yourself to a breath test is no longer an option, since it could easily lead to criminal charges and it is the last thing anyone would ever want.

According to a relatively recent study, the number of people refusing to submit themselves to the breath tests equals approximatively 22%. Sure enough, with the approval of the above-mentioned decision, this number is going to decrease.

The decision is without a doubt a controversial one and it is somewhat difficult to say how it is going to work itself out in the future. After all, with the recent legalization of cannabis, the authorities will need to rethink the part about the blood tests. Either all the drivers will be divided into groups with different rights or a universal law will be established in order to help determine which drivers should and which should not be able to refuse the tests indeed.

Still, no matter what, in case you or your loved ones were charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the above-mentioned Supreme Court decision does not necessarily imply that you need to forget about the most essential step. That is right – we are talking about getting in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced legal representative at the earliest opportunity. Regardless of what the circumstances may be around the case, whether or not you were submitted to the test and so on, only a good attorney is going to have what it takes to help you get out from this nasty legal situations with minimal legal damages indeed.

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Seattle House Parties And How To Avoid DUI Legal Issues After The Event

Needless to say, we all love our children and are therefore prepared to do just about anything in order to make them happy. We also want them to feel safe and are very much concerned about their overall safety as well as their wellbeing. It is completely natural – it is our parental instinct, but at the same time we realize that we cannot follow that instinct blindly all the time. Your teenage children also need to be sociable, they need to communicate with their friends and buddies.

With that said, when it comes to partying, a lot of parents consider it to be a good idea to throw in a house party. The logic is very simple – the teenagers will get to party and you as a parent will be there, knowing that your kids are safely at home and with their friends. Sounds like a plan, but a lot of people do not realize that even such house parties may end up in underage drinking. And some drunk teenagers might even get behind a wheel and get caught for underage DUI.

Hence, Seattle lawyers are warning the parents to keep an eye on the children and are providing you with some recommendations and tips on how to avoid any legal issues. You will not want your child to be charged with underage drinking and you will surely not want to be facing social host liability problems.

To begin with, it is important to understand what kind of penalties a person can expect for underage drinking. First of all, laws in Seattle are very clear – a person cannot be drinking alcohol until he or she reaches the age of 21. Of course, there are a few exceptions and penalties that are also regulated by the law.

If you are under 21 and you were caught drinking alcohol in a public place or your car, you could be charges with a disorderly persons offense. Hence, you will be facing a fine of up $500 and in addition will lose your driving privileges for up to 6 months. In case you are under the age of 17 at the time of the offense, you will lose your driving privileges until six months after you turn age 17.

In addition, do not forget that you, as a parent during the house party, could also be facing legal penalties. You may well be charged with a disorderly persons offense too, if you knowingly or purposefully serve or simply “make available” alcohol to an underage person. There are exceptions – firstly, in case you are the parent of the child, secondly if this is the part of a religious ritual and thirdly in case the child’s parent or guarding is present.

Hence, as you can now see, you may also become an offender in case there was alcohol served during a house party of your children in your house. You will need to follow some simple tips and recommendations in order to avoid those charges:

  • First of all, make sure to ask your child which of his or her friends are coming to the party and make sure that these teenagers do not have a reputation for drinking.
  • Do not allow the child to post open invitations via social networks – this may well attract unwanted individuals to the party.
  • Even though the child will not want you to be anywhere near the party, stay as close as possible and observe the actions of all the invited kids.
  • In case anyone appears to be drunk or sick, make sure to notify the parents as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that the above-mentioned charges must not be taken lightly – you could face fines, loss of driving privileges and even possible jail time, so make sure that you are following the simple rules in order to avoid those things from occurring. If you or your child were charged with a drunk driving offense, it is important to get in touch with a qualified as well as experienced attorney as soon as possible in order to make sure that the damage is minimized.

If you or someone you know were arrested for Underage DUI, Kleyner Law Offices will help. Please contact Seattle Drunk Driving Attorney immediately to review your case.

Funding for Federal Underage DUI Prevention Program Has Been cut in Seattle

Needless to say, drinking and getting behind the wheel afterwards is never a good idea. After all, drunk drivers pose a genuine threat and not only to themselves, but also to other drivers, their passengers and even the pedestrians. With that said, unfortunately, the official statistical data clearly indicates a significant increase in Seattle DUI related accidents all over the nation. Sadly, more and more underage drivers are to blame.

One way or the other, the law enforcement authorities are not all that forgiving when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol. Regardless of whether it is a misdemeanor DUI or a felony one, the legal penalties are going to be severe and harsh indeed. We are not only talking about substantial fines (although it may take thousands of dollars from your pocket), there is also a possibility that you are going to lose your license. Of course, there is a chance to get it back, but you will have to initiate an administrative DMV hearing. In addition, do not forget that you may be sentenced to perform community service, you may also be required to install an ignition interlock device inside the vehicle. Furthermore, if it is a felony DUI, there is a chance that you will end up behind bars in county jail or state prison even.

It gets worse if the driver is an underage one. Underage drinking is a crime on its own and it is punishable by law – add DUI to that and you will get a genuine set of legal penalties. Nevertheless, regrettably, even these harsh penalties rarely stop underage drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

And recently it was decided that the funding for fighting underage DUI is going to be significantly cut down in Seattle. The authorities are hoping to save tax payers’ money and put them to other social necessities. While this may seem like a worthy attempt to save additional funds, a lot of people just underestimate the dangers that underage DUI poses for the society. After all, a lot of people are injured or even killed in those accidents that were provoked by the underage drivers, who were drinking and operating their vehicles. A lot of families lose their loved ones, their friends. It is a very disturbing tendency and the authorities should fight it with everything they got.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are protesting against the decision to cut down those funds. They are claiming that the tax payers are still going to invest their money into the issue, one way or another. They are going to be paying for medical bills, insurances and so on and those money will still end up being lost. Hence, MADD believes that it is best to invest the money directly into dealing with the issue.

The problem of underage DUI in Seattle is obviously taking a greater scale and this tendency must not be tolerated, so perhaps the authorities should consider another options as well as other solutions to this issues. It is possible that they will find more appropriate ways to save tax payers’ money without having to cut down the budget that may well help in saving a lot of innocent lives on the roads and highways of Seattle.

The issue is a very acute one and a controversial one as well. Some are claiming that the funding was still used in vain as no matter what the authorities were doing, young people are still more than willing to put the lives of other individuals in danger. Other are claiming that in case the funding will be cut, it will lead to even more detrimental consequences than right now. Of course, we will live and see, but for now it is obvious that people should be more educated on the matter and must not leave their lives and the lives of other individuals around them to mere chance that nothing serious is going to happen. DUI is a very serious offense and you should think about others whenever you are planning to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

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