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Burien is a suburban city in Seattle metropolitan area. The community was originally named Sunnydale. The legend has it, that in mid eighteen hundreds an early settler emerged from the woods and said, “This is a truly sunny dale”. However, in the late eighteen hundreds the city was renamed after a local innovator, who helped the growth of the city, Gottlieb Burian.

The city of Burien is a wonderful place to live in. Burien is known to have it all: wide variety of great outdoor activities and fun city life. Being a coastal city, Burien offers access to water providing picturesque beaches and plenty of fishing opportunities. For instance, Seahurst Park is a coastal park and features water access and woodland hiking and biking trails.

Burien is a family friendly community oriented city that is known for its active social arena. Burien host numerous fun annual social events promoting family values. The three most popular events are the Family Fun Run, Daddy and Daughter Valentine’s Ball and Mother and Son Night of Fun. All three events are filled with games, food and life music.

Burien is a home to a few charitable events and Empty Bowl is one of them. The Empty Bowl is a nationwide fundraiser for the local food banks. The event is open to public and a donation will get you an opportunity to pick a beautiful handmade bowl as well as a simple dinner of soup, bread, drinks and desert donated by the local businesses and organizations.

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One of the most popular events is a B-Town Beat, which is a monthly art walk held the first Tuesday of each month. The B-Town Beat is a fun event the goal of which is to draw people to downtown Burien to help support local businesses and local artists. The event features music, spoken word, dance and visual art performances and followed by wine and bites. It is important to remember not to drive home if you had a drink at the event. However, it is easy to get carried away in the atmosphere of such fun event.

Frequently Asked Questions About Burien DUI Defense

Were you ever charged for driving under the influence in Burien? If it is your very first time, chances are, you will be stressed about what is to follow. Here you will find some of the commonly asked questions that Burien DUI lawyers frequently answer. In case you are interested in more info on the DUI case in Burien, get in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced Burien DUI attorney right now!

Why is my BAC so high if I was not even drinking that much and was not drunk?

The answer to that question is somewhat challenging. Our bodies feel that alcohol is poison. Once the body will establish that there is alcohol in the system, it will struggle to eliminate it. The alcohol concentration in your blood therefore rises if you are drinking alcohol quicker than your body is capable of burning it.

The police officer did not take me to jail after I was arrested, so will the judge book me up during the arraignment?

In the State of Washington law enforcement officers have the right to decide whether or not a DUI driver should be booked. In most cases, though, the officer will let you go in case you do not have a complicated criminal history and you were cooperating all the way.

Of course, there is a chance that you will be booked during the arraignment. Yet, it is very unlikely in case the police officer did not book you up earlier. Still, it is best to have a qualified as well as experienced Burien DUI attorney by your side.

Could my DUI charges be reduced to some lower criminal charges?

This really depends on several factors. The courts and the prosecutors around Washington State are becoming less and less tolerable when it comes to DUI charges. Hence, nowadays, it is more difficult to get the prosecution to agree to reduce your charges.

Is there a chance to expunge my DUI records?

This question is the one that most Burien DUI attorneys have to answer all the time. There are plenty of myths that are floating around the DUI expungement, so it would be wise to address the matter properly.

First of all, what is the definition of the expungement. It implies eliminating info that is related to the arrest from law enforcement records. Only non-conviction records may be expunged in the State of Washington.

So there is no way to expunge any kind of criminal records and not just your DUI.

The resulting question is – can the DUI be vacated? Well, vacating a conviction implies requesting the court to remove it and to have charges dropped.

Some criminal offenses and DUI is among them cannot be vacated. Sadly, in case you were convicted for DUI, there is no way to vacate your record. This is one more reason why you will need to have a qualified as well as experienced Burien DUI attorney representing you. If you were charged with DUI offense in Burien WA, please call our law offices at (855) 858-0853 or fill out online contact form to request free case review.

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