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Centralia is a mid size mountain community in Lewis County. The city of Centralia was settled by one of the first African-American pioneers in mid eighteen hundreds. Now days, the city of Centralia is a community oriented family friendly city with wide variety of activities and fresh mountain air.

The city of Centralia host several annual events including derbies, parades and festivals. One of the most favorite family events among the residents of Centralia is the Lions Fishing Derby. The Lions Fishing Derby is held each April in Borst Park. The idea of the event is to bring families together in a healthy competition, in which the parents act as fishing coaches. At the end of the day winning families receive prizes and awards.

The most favorite annual event by far among the residents is The Summerfest the 4th of July celebration. The Summerfest is a fun family event that starts off with a pancake breakfast, followed by the fishing derby and a family fun run, parade and the destruction derby. The Summerfest features games and contests and life entertainment throughout the day and fireworks at the dusk. Once the main events are owner, the residents head to local bars and neighborhood parties where all the fun continues paired with more food and alcohol.

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Being the largest community event of the city of Centralia the Summerfast is closely monitored by local police to make sure the celebration is safe for the residents. Of course, watching out for drunk drivers is one of the main tasks of the police, so if the residents make a mistake of getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks they will be pulled over and arrested.

However, the residents of Centralia have nothing to worry about – the Centralia DUI Attorney is always at their service. If you were presented with DUI charges it is advised that you hire an attorney who can make sure your rights were not violated and the charges are true. In some cases, the arresting officer did not have a probable cause to stop you, or the breathalyzer has not been inspected in long time, those mistakes can help drop your charges all together. Hiring Centralia DUI Attorney can be crucial for your case and can help you get out of this legal turmoil with as little loss as possible.

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