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Cle Elum is a small secluded town in a mountain area with population of slightly less than two thousand. With low population and a distance away from Seattle the city of Cle Elum has a home like atmosphere that only small towns have. Long before the area was settled the land was occupied by Kittitas Indians and called Tle-el-Lum, meaning “swift waters”, referring to the local river. When the original settler founded a town, they decided to keep the original name, however, due to pronunciation differences the name was slightly modified to Cle Elum.

Now days, the city of Cle Elum is a family friendly, community oriented city where everybody knows your name. The city is full of little family owned businesses, restaurants and shops and is a center for the local camping grounds. In fact, the territory around the city of Cle Elum is famous for its beautiful camping grounds among residents of surrounding counties.

The city host a few social events including the 4th of July Festival held at the Flag Pole Park. The Festival is a fun community event featuring life music, Fire Department Parade, games and food booths and fireworks at dusk. After the fireworks the celebration moves to the streets and neighborhood and turns into a city wide neighborhood barbeque party.

Of course, the celebration is accompanied by alcohol. Even though, the city is rather small and everything is a walking distance away, residents still tend to make a mistake of getting behind the wheel after they had a few drinks and, of course, they get pulled over and arrested. However, residents of Cle Elum have nothing to worry about, because Cle Elum DUI Attorney is always at their service.

In such small town as Cle Elum it is very important to keep your name and criminal record clean in order to maintain respect and family reputation. Growing up in same atmosphere, Cle Elum DUI Attorney has a keen sense of understanding of such peculiarity and will do his best in order to keep your name and record clean.

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