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Commercial DUI: Follow these steps to avoid CDL suspension

Commercial DUICommercial DUI; The State of Washington is generally very strict when it comes to the DUI offenses. There is a law, which clearly states that a person’s BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) should be below 0.08%, otherwise this individual will be arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Furthermore, there is a Zero Tolerance law that does not allow a minor to drive his vehicle with 0.01% of BAC or above. And finally, the rules are very strict for the commercial license drivers, since they can represent even a bigger threat to people on the road. A commercial license driver is not allowed to operate the vehicle with 0.04% BAC.

With that said, the legal penalties and consequences for commercial DUI vary depending on the circumstances, but they are all harsh and unforgiving. For the first time DUI a CDL driver is going to lose his class “A” driver’s license for one year. However, in case the same driver is going to be charged with a DUI offense for the second time, he risks losing his commercial class “A” license for a long time.

CDL drivers must follow strict rules when it comes to drinking before driving. They must resort from getting behind the wheel after drinking any amount of alcohol. They are obliged to wait no less than 8 hours and only then will they have the right to drive. In addition, the lowered BAC threshold that is meant to protect other drivers and pedestrians from the actions of an intoxicated commercial vehicle operator. The 0.04% limit is very low and at times, the commercial vehicle drivers do not even realize that they are actually breaking the law.

Commercial DUI Impacts Your Class “A” Driver’s License

Sure enough, losing the class “A” driver’s license for a year or even for lifetime is a huge blow for any commercial driver. Because CDL could be the main source of their income, so it is very important not to lose it.

Despite a popular opinion, there are effective legal defense strategies even for the second time commercial license DUI offenders. Depending on the case, the legal defense strategies may be of scientific, legal or factual nature. One thing is 100% certain – in case you are a commercial license vehicle operator, who was charged with DUI and who does not want to lose his driver’s license, it is imperative to get in touch with a qualified and experienced DUI legal representative as soon as possible.

The commercial DUI cases may be difficult and tricky, especially if the driver is working for a large corporation, but a good attorney will have the skills and expertise to help you minimize the penalty or to get the case dismissed. Therefore, if you were accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and you intend to keep your commercial class “A” license, make sure you find the best lawyer you can at the earliest opportunity. If you were you arrested for commercial DUI, contact us today!

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