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Des Moines is primarily a coastal city located on the east shore of Puget Sound. Des Moines is a suburban city to Seattle and is located just a few miles away from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport.

The city of Des Moines is a popular tourist destination and is famous for its beautiful camping grounds. The Saltwater State Park is the most popular camping destination in entire state. The Saltwater State Park is located on the coast and features numerous activities for the visitors, among which are diving, fishing, boating, volleyball fields and many more. The Saltwater Park is perfect for camping trips, family nature days and dates.

Another popular destination among residents and guests is the City of Des Moines Marina. The Marina is a perfect place for walks, boating and fishing. The surrounding area offers numerous restaurants and bars, so that residents and guests can enjoy a sunset while having a dinner. Of course, to help guest relax and enjoy the dinner, all of the restaurants offer alcohol. Sadly, when there is alcohol, there is always trouble. Even though, residents of Des Moines know better, they still manage to get behind the wheel after they had one drink too many; surely, they get pulled over and arrested.

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Unfortunately, the rate of occurrences of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol is very high in Des Moines. Of course, in such atmosphere it is rather easy to get carried away. However, residents and guest should not get behind the wheel after a fun night at a local bar, because local police is very unforgiving when it comes to DUI.

However, resident and guest have nothing to worry about, because Des Moines DUI Attorney is always at their service. The fact that you were arrested does not necessarily mean you will have you life ruined. Des Moines DUI Attorney has years of experience with such cases and knows his way around. Des Moines DUI Attorney will help you through the process and will make sure you get out of an unpleasant legal turmoil with as little loss as possible.

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