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What To Do In Case of a DUI Accident

DUI AccidentsDUI accident; There are two categories of DUI crimes – the misdemeanor DUI and the felony DUI. Even though misdemeanor DUI sentence is milder than the one that comes for the felony, it is still implies very strict punishment, including driver’s license suspension or revocation, expensive fines, obligatory alcohol or drug awareness classes, installation of ignition interlock device, restitution, community service and even jail time.

If a person was injured in an accident that was caused by the drunk driver, chances are, the case will be viewed as a felony. Of course, if the traumas were mild, it can still be considered a misdemeanor, but even then you will have to deal with some genuinely serious consequences.

As for the DUI with injuries, the sentence may imply up to five years of probation, meaning that you will be obliged to follow the judge’s terms and conditions, obligatory alcohol or drug abuse program, driver’s license suspension or revocation, up to $5000 in fines as well as up to a year in county jail. These are the light penalties that the DUI driver will have to face if the victim’s injuries were not that serious.

DUI Accident Can Be A Serious Felony

However, if the bodily injuries were genuinely severe, the DUI accident offender may be facing up to four years in state prison (as well as additional three years for any other person, who was injured in the accident), up to $20,000 in fines, strike in the record as well as full  license suspension or revocation.

Nevertheless, the law enforcement authorities are very often too quick to judge and there are cases when people were falsely accused and sentenced. Even if a driver had a drink or two, it does not necessarily make him the offender. Chances are, the accident was caused by another driver.

This is why, in case you or your loved ones were charged with a DUI accident offense, it is imperative to contact a good legal representative as soon as possible. Our attorney will assess all the available evidence, including witness statements, police report and sobriety test. Our lawyer will then come up with a solid legal defense strategy that will allow you to avoid all the most severe penalties. If you do not wish the DUI accident charges to have a devastating impact on your day to day living, it is important to hire a good Seattle DUI lawyer at the earliest opportunity. If you need a professional legal representation for DUI accident, call us today!

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