DUI Tips That Can Save You from Imprisonment

DUI Tips That Can Save You from Imprisonment

If you need to avoid any unpleasant interactions with the law enforcement officers, who will arrest you due to reasons to believe that you were intoxicated while driving, it is best to stay away from alcohol if you are planning on driving. Yet, as we may clearly see from the official statistical data, the number of DUI accidents on the roads all over the nation is pretty high and continues to rise, so it is very clear that most people neglect this simple tip and continue drinking before driving.

Too many people these days simply do not understand how serious Seattle DUI charges may really be. We are not talking about a simple fine here – you may easily lose your driving privileges, thousands and thousands of dollars in fines and may easily end up in county jail or state prison. Well, even if those facts do not stop you, at the very least make sure that you are in control of the situation. Hence, if you intend to drink alcohol, make sure that you are eating plenty of food too and drinking simple water. That way, you will not get wasted and will remain in control over your actions. Otherwise, if you are not going to fill your stomach with some food and actual water, you may easily get totally wasted and your chances of getting into legal trouble will rocket up sky high.

Moreover, chances are, you will go to the bar with your friends and buddies and will get drunk there. Well, keep in mind that during weekends and holidays, the law enforcement authorities are practically living near those bars and similar establishments. They are fully aware that a lot of people will neglect the laws, will drink too much and then will get behind the wheel, which is unacceptable. Hence, if that is your plan, at the very least plan your exit before starting to drink and park your vehicle as far away from the bar itself as possible.

In the end, do not forget to memorize the exact route home. Getting lost on a highway, while driving under the influence of alcohol would be the very last thing that you will want to experience. Do your best and keep with the speed limit. Speeding will not just get you in trouble, especially if there is a DUI checkpoint nearby – speeding puts people’s lives at risk and may lead to a genuinely serious accident.

Finally, even though you may not believe everything you read and see on TV, the official statistical data clearly demonstrates that a lot of people are injured or killed in Seattle DUI accidents and other people go to jail for this. Hence, even if you are planning to go to a party, but you know that you are going to be driving home, it is best to have the guts to say no to alcohol consumption. Or you can always request Uber to avoid any complications in your life.

Pavel Kleyner, ESQ

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