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Edmonds is a third most populous and affluent city in Snohomish County located just eleven miles north of Seattle. The city was founded by a logger in search of timber in late eighteen hundreds. Now days, Edmonds is a family friendly and community oriented water front city that offers wide variety of activities to its residents and guests.

The city of Edmonds is a great place for outdoor family fun. The city features numerous parks and activities including off pier and boat fishing, hiking and diving. Edmonds is a home to the most popular Underwater Dive Park in the state. The Underwater Dive Park is a twenty seven acre tide and bottom land that has partially been developed with features and trails specifically for divers.

Among the most popular above water outdoor activities is the wild life viewing that is available at the Edmonds Marsh and Yost Park. The Edmonds Marsh is a twenty three acre bird sanctuary that hosts up to ninety species of birds through the year. Yost Park provides a habitat for native vegetation, numerous species of resident and migratory birds, opossums, nocturnal mountain beavers, shrew moles, raccoons and a few types of bats.

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Aside from outdoor fun, the city of Edmonds offers an exciting night life including live entertainment, fine dining options and numerous bars and pubs. The city of Edmonds features several performing art theaters, summer concerts in the park, lounges and bars with life music and numerous night clubs. In such a party atmosphere, it is easy to get carried away and have a little too much to drink. It is important not to get behind the wheel while under influence of alcohol. However, if you did get behind the wheel and were arrested it is highly recommended to turn to a qualified attorney for help. Fortunately, Edmonds DUI Attorney is always available to help those who need. Edmonds DUI Attorney is always ready to extend his experienced helping hand and make sure you get out of your legal turmoil with as little loss to you as possible.

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