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Enumclaw is a rather large city in King County located at foothill of Enumclaw Mountain. The territory was originally occupied by Salish Native Americans, who gave the city its name. Enumclaw translates into Salish dialect as “place of evil spirits”, which is probably referring to an incident that occurred in the region and was interpreted as evil doing by the Salish people. The region is known for frequent powerful wind gusts, which could also have been interpreted as evil by the Salish.

The first settler, Allen Porter, came to Enumclaw in mid eighteen hundreds, however, after a couple of years Porter had to vacate the area due to troubled relationship with local Native American Tribe. The area finally got settled nearly half a century later with Northern Pacific Railroads laying their tracks through the site.

Now days, the city of Enumclaw lost its fame of a “place of evil spirits” and became a family friendly community oriented city with numerous fun activities for its residents and guests. The city of Enumclaw is a home to several fun community events such as Brew Fest, Festival of Crafts, Wine and Chocolate Festival and King County Fair.

The Enumclaw Brew Fest is held at the end of October and is very popular among residents. Since the festival is held at Halloween time the event carries a fun holyday atmosphere and costumes are encouraged. The Brew Fest features life music, great food, games, costume contests and, most importantly, beer. Breweries from all over the county bring their best beer for testing at the festival.

In a celebratory atmosphere of such an event it is easy to get carried away and have one beer too much to drink. Even though, the event actively promotes “designated driver” policy and issues special tickets and special color wrist bands to those who volunteer to drive, people still manage to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol.

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Unfortunately for drunk drivers, they get pulled over and arrested, because police monitors such events carefully. However, if you find yourself in an unpleasant situation when you are presented with DUI charges, do not hesitate to call Enumclaw DUI Attorney at your earliest opportunity. Enumclaw DUI Attorney will help you through the process and make sure you get out of this legal turmoil with as little loss to you as possible.

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