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Everett is a county seat of Snohomish County and located along the shore side of Possession Sound. The city of Everett is the largest city in the county and seventh largest in the state with area of almost fifty square miles and population of well over one hundred thousand people. The city of Everett was first settled in late eighteen hundreds and was named after a son of a founder of the city.

The city of Everett is a home to a few major industry, tourism and naval facilities in the state of Washington. For instance, the largest Boeing assembly plant is located here, which is also a largest building in the world. The Boeing assembly plant is a largest employer of the city providing jobs for nearly forty thousands of residents of the Everett.

Everett is also a home to the largest public marina on the west coast of the United States. The marina was first established in a first quarter of the nineteen hundreds as a Naval Station. As the time went by, the port added a commercial area and an area for privet boats and a yacht club. The seaport receives about hundred and twenty ships and sixty barges yearly. The establishment of the marina made Everett highly popular among tourists due to an easy access and as a mid stop before boarding a cruise ship.

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Despite high numbers of tourists, the city’s crime rate is significantly lower than national average. However, the numbers of DUI arrests is higher than in nearby counties. Unfortunately, high numbers of tourists and temporarily dismissed naval stuff bring up the statistical rate of the DUI occurrences.

Being a well culturally developed city, Everett hosts numerous social events including concerts, exhibits, festivals and fairs. Of course, alcohol is served at most of the events. It is easy to get carried away and have one drink too many especially while on vacation or on a leave from the ship, however, it is important not to get behind the wheel in such condition.

If you found yourself in an unpleasant situation and are facing DUI charges do not hesitate to contact Everett DUI Attorney at your earliest opportunity. The Everett DUI Attorney is always there to help you through your legal turmoil and will make sure you will come out with as less loss to you and your reputation as possible.

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