Answers to common frequently asked questions about Seattle DUI process:

In case you do not want to be facing harsh DUI penalties in full, it is crucial for you to get in touch with an experienced DUI lawyer at the earliest opportunity. A good attorney will be able to come up with a solid defense strategy, which may result in a plea bargain or even case dismissal.

If you will be charged with driving under the influence, you will be oblige to show up in court at a certain time and date that will be stated in the paper work you will receive. You will have to choose whether you want to go alone or wish to get in touch with a lawyer. Cases represented by lawyers will be handled in the first place and non-lawyer represented cases will be reviewed afterwards.

During the hearing, the judge will want you to enter your plea. Should you plead “guilty”, your DUI sentence will be effected immediately and you will receive your punishment in line with your state, county and judge requirements. Penalties for driving under the influence may include jail time, fines, probation and special programs that you will have to attend.

In case you plead “not-guilty”, the judge will need to ask you some questions that will establish if you wish to forfeit the constitutional rights that you have. At this part, it is best to have good lawyer alongside you in order to minimize the damage.

You will be able to win your DUI case if you will have a skillful as well as experience lawyer by your side, representing your legal rights. At times, attorneys are able to reduce the sentence or even dismiss the case whatsoever.

A good attorney will review the case properly and will go through every single piece of evidence in order to have a clear picture. At times, police reports indicate that the law enforcement officers had no right to arrest you to begin with, did not have any probable cause to pull you over and so on. Furthermore, it is also important to double check all the blood tests in order to determine their accuracy.

The overall legal punishment largely depends on the circumstances that surround your case. Generally, one can expect to face the following penalties:

– Time in correctional facility, probation
– Monetary penalties, heavy fines
– Driver’s license revocation
– Obligatory attendance of alcohol or drug awareness programs
– Ignition interlock devices in the vehicle

DUI sentence also can affect your employment opportunities. Furthermore, you may be obliged to pay more for special insurance policies.

In case you need to keep your driver’s license, you will have to get in touch with the DOL and schedule a special administrative hearing within 10 days after the arrest.

Most DUI defendants receive a temporary driver’s license that is active for 30 days. Nevertheless, this license may be extended until the administrative hearing takes place at the DOL. In case you will win this hearing, your license will not be revoked until the court’s decision.

It is possible, in case you have an experience as well skillful lawyer, who is dealing with the DOL hearings. In most cases, the hearing officer at the Department Of Licensing will be interested in the following:

1. Were you the driver of the vehicle or somebody else?
2. Did the law enforcement officers have a probable cause to arrest you?
3. Was your BAC equal to 0.8% or more?

A good lawyer will be able to use these questions in order for his client to gain certain advantages.

Getting your driver’s license back will largely depend on a variety of facts that are specific for your case. It is nearly impossible to tell, whether you will be able to get your license back without knowing every detail of the case, so it is best to get in touch with an attorney first.

It depends on the case and all the specific details. In case you did not plead “guilty”, it will usually take up to several months. In case it is a complicated DUI case or a felony, the time may be extended to years.

You can get more specific information in case you will get a free consultation with an experienced lawyer.

It all depends on the circumstances that are surrounding your DUI case. You will need to pay for the court costs, attorney fees, fines, special DUI schools, SR22 insurance and so on. The more complex the case is, the more is the cost. Sure enough, in case no one was injured, the costs will not be as heavy.

During the free consultation, you will discover how much the attorney’s fee will be as well as some associated costs, so it is advisable to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible.