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Federal Way is a rather large city in King County located between Seattle and Tacoma. Federal Way is the tenth largest city in the state with the area of nearly twenty three square miles providing homes to nearly one hundred thousand people and considered a densely populated city with four thousand people per square mile. The community was first established with the building of the Federal Highway 99 in mid eighteen hundreds and was named Federal Way in the beginning of a second quarter of nineteen hundreds when five schools consolidated operations into a district.

Now days, Federal Way is a high paste city with numerous activities available for residents and guests. The city features wide variety of outdoor activities, fine dining, bars and lounges. If fact, the city is famous for its night life, which attracts visitors from all over the county.

High number of guests especially those who are looking to have fun if both great and unfortunate for the city. A steady flow of visitors provides steady income to local businesses, which is great for overall city economy. However, high numbers of drunken people trying to get home or a hotel after a fun night at a local bar is very unfortunate for the city. Sadly, resent researches show that statistically Federal Way has the highest number of DUI conviction and DUI involved accidents in the county.

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In order to secure the streets of the city and protect the residents, local police department carefully monitors the city for possible DUI offenders. Over the past few years the level of DUI charges and convictions grew drastically.

Such unfortunate statistics provide a wide variety of experience to Federal Way DUI Attorney. If you found yourself in an unpleasant situation of being presented with DUI charges, do not hesitate to contact Federal Way DUI Attorney at your earliest opportunity. Federal Way DUI Attorney will protect your rights and help you through this confusing and overwhelming process.

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