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Ferndale located at the northern side of the Whatcom County just 13 miles south of Canadian border. The city was settled in late eighteen hundreds and was first called Jam, because of a log jam on the Nooksack River. However, as more settlers came to live in the area and a school was built, the city was renamed to Ferndale due to the fact that there were a lot of ferns growing around the school building.

Now days Ferndale is a rather large city with a total area of nearly seven miles and is home to just shy of thirteen thousand people making Ferndale a densely populated city. Ferndale is known to be a family friendly community orient city with wide variety of diverse entertainment for the residents and guests.

The city is located just outside of the Hovander Homestead Park, which is a wonderful activity for a family fun day. Hovander Homestead Park is a historic park that has a look of an old American farm and features farm animals and educational tours. The city also features several neighborhood parks and recreation areas, as well as the city’s own Vander Yacht Park on the bank of Nooksack River.

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The city of Ferndale host several community events oriented to better the city and to bring the community closer together. Among such event are the Annual Citywide Cleanup Day, which is accompanied with life music and food vendors, and Community Wide Garage Sale, which is a great help for everybody to get rid of the stuff they don’t need and buy stuff they need for a much lower price.

Residents of Ferndale know how to have fun and the Chamber of Commerce Street Festival and Music Festival are good examples of that. Both Festivals are accompanied with numerous fun activities for the entire family including games and rides for the kids, temporary historical exhibits and a lot local food and drinks. However, it is easy to get carried away and have a little too much fun and one drink too many. It is important to act responsible and not to get behind the wheel in such a condition.

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