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Fife is a suburban city to Tacoma in Pierce County. Close location to Port of Tacoma and major interstate freeway 5 predetermined the city’s business specialty. Fife is mostly industrial city with majority of businesses designed to adhere to needs of freight forwarding and freight storing. The city consists mostly of warehouses, industrial facilities, car dealerships, Indian casinos, motels and quick stop dinning and convenience stores.

The city was first originated in early nineteen hundreds and was first a small settlement with population of slightly less than one hundred and fifty. It was described as a farming community represented by markets, taverns and small shops located at the crossroads. Now days, Fife is a rather densely populated community with population of nearly ten thousand and the total area of about six square miles.

Fife is a family oriented community with numerous events aimed towards family entertainment. Among some of the most popular events are the Fife Harvest Festival, Halloween Carnival, Mom and Daughter Princess Party, Daddy Daughter Dance, Sweetheart Dance, Breakfast with Santa and Santa Run and many more.

The Fife Harvest Festival is a fun free activity for the entire family that includes, but not limited to, hay rides, life entertainment, face painting, games, arts and crafts and much more. The Fife Harvest Festival is one of the most popular events of the year among the residents.

Actions to Take When You Need a Fife DUI Lawyer

Aside from family fun, Fife is full of fun activities and events for adults only. Fife is home to a few Indian Casinos including Emerald Queen Casino and is known as the best place for gaming in Northwest. Emerald Queen Casino features numerous table and Machine games, fine dining and bars. However, it is easy to get carried away while having fun at the card game with drinks being brought to you without a delay. It is important to act responsible and not get behind the wheel after you had a drink or two.

However, if you found yourself in an unpleasant situation of being charged with DUI, do not hesitate to call Fife DUI Attorney right away. Fife DUI Attorney is always ready to extend his experienced helping hand to those who need it.

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