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What To Do In Case Of a Hit & Run DUI Charges

DUI Hit and RunDUI hit and run; Fleeing the scene of an accident, especially if this accident was caused by your actions, is never a good idea. Some people do not understand that and try to make it look as if nothing happened. Some individuals even have a “bright” idea to report the vehicle as being stolen. However, the law enforcement authorities are not that easy to trick – they know how people react in this type of situations and you should not doubt that they are going to eventually find out what happened.

With that said, the wisest and most safe option in such a situation would be to stay put until the police officers arrive on the scene. Furthermore, you should use the time you have to exchange information with the other driver or drivers that were involved in the accident. In addition, if someone was injured, it is imperative not to lose any time and to call an ambulance right away.

Hit and run is a serious felony and the legal penalties for such a crime are very harsh and unforgiving. However, if a person, who committed a hit and run was also under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substances, chances are, he or she may be sentenced to state prison.

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If you or your loved ones were charged with a DUI hit and run, it is absolutely imperative not to lose any time and to get in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced DUI attorney at the earliest opportunity. Hit and run DUI is a felony that will be punished even more severely than the standard DUI crime. Causing an injury or killing a person under the influence of alcohol is bad enough, but in case the driver left the scene, without as much as seeing if the victim is still alive, the matter becomes incredibly serious.

Still, there are cases when people cannot control their actions – some of us will not know how to react to such a situation – they will be shocked and it would only be natural that they will do the first thing that will come to their minds – run and never look back. This condition cannot be controlled and only a qualified as well as experienced Seattle DUI attorney will be able to prove that there was no intention in the actions of the hit and run driver.

Therefore, if you or your loved ones wish to avoid the most severe legal penalties that could lead to some genuinely devastating consequences, it is crucial to find a good criminal defense attorney, who will not let you down. He will go through all the available evidence against you and will build his defense strategy accordingly. Hit and run DUI penalties can be minimized, but only if a good lawyer is by your side during the entire process. If you were involved in a hit and run DUI, contact Seattle DUI lawyer now!

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