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Our Mercer Island DUI attorney will have what it takes to help deal with Washington State criminal DUI charges, allowing you to avoid harsh legal penalties. In case you or your loved ones were charged with DUI in Mercer Island, it is very important, crucial even, to make sure that you have the right DUI lawyer that will help you understand how the law functions and will be capable of helping you get through the whole process. When it comes to DUI, Washington State is completely unforgiving. Take this chance to stay out of jail and keep your driver’s license with the proper Mercer Island DUI lawyer by your side.

If you or your loved ones were arrested for DUI in Mercer Island or perhaps somewhere in Washington State, you will need to make sure that you request a DOL hearing in order to fight for keeping your driving privileges. You will only have 20 days from when you were arrested in order to request this type of hearing. Should you fail to initiate it within 20 days after the arrest, your driving privileges will be suspended by the department of licensing and this will happen 60 days after the arrest.

The Mercer Island lawyers will be more than capable of handling that very DOL hearing for you and will do their best to help you keep the license. You will have the possibility to discover whatever the prosecutor may be providing and how you will be able to attack his weak spots in order to really make the most from the case. You will not have to guess anymore, since you will have a qualified and experienced team of legal representatives by your side.

Criminal Defense In Mercer Island, WA

Most Mercer Island DUI lawyers will tell you not to submit yourself to the FSTs – the Field Sobriety Tests. These may prove to be quite tricky. First of all, no objective measuring exists in those tests and there is always a risk that the performance of a driver will be skewed by the law enforcement officer so as to aid the prosecution build a case. Furthermore, the prosecution may use the FSTs as additional tool for prosecuting the DUI drivers. Even in case the BAC of the driver was below the legal limitation, the prosecution will attempt to use the FSTs in order to prove that the driver was impaired.

Portable Breath Test – PBT is also voluntary, just like the FSTs. Just like in case of the FSTs, we also suggest you to decline the PBT altogether. Those test results will not be admissible at trial – that much is certain. Still, if your PBT test result was above the legal limit, it may easily be used against you during the DOL hearings in order to suspend your license.

The police officers are able to decide whether or not you will be booked. It largely depends on the driver – criminal history and how cooperative he or she really was.

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