Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and client privacy as well as everything that is related to it is very important to the owner of the given web resource as well as his business in general. Lawyer discussions and consultations are private and confidential, except for a few cases. Any kind of information that will be presented to this web resource that relates to the DUI arrests will not be transferred to any other individual or group of individuals without the client’s written consent. In case you are dealing with a lawyer, it is very important to be completely honest, although in some cases this may put the client into an uncomfortable situation. A qualified DUI lawyer will not be influenced by anything you have to say about the case. However, your honesty will be quite beneficial for the overall results.

Any information that the attorney have gathered regarding yourself will be used strictly to get in touch with you in relation to the reasons why you have decided to get in touch with this lawyer. The attorney may get in touch with you in the future in case he will have something of interest to tell you.

The client can get in touch with the attorney at any time in order to find out what kind of data the attorney has on him or her and the attorney will delete it upon request.

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