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The following information is meant to deliver comprehensive advice for drivers on the matter of various DUI arrests that were taking place in the city of Redmond, Washington. In order to get more info on DUI charges, feel free to check out our Redmond DUI attorney home page.

Drivers who were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol by Redmond Police Department in the city of Redmond, Washington, will need to prepare themselves for the fact that their cases will be dealt with in the King County District Court – Redmond Facility.

Generally, law enforcement officers in Redmond are going to release drivers right after the DUI arrest took place. However, depending on circumstances as well as the driver’s criminal past, the police officer may choose to book the driver and to escort him or her to the King County Jail.

Following the arrest, the arresting law enforcement officer will provide his or her report and any additional papers to the prosecutor’s office. The prosecution then is going to review all files and will file charges with the court.

In case the driver was not provided with a court date during the arrest, he or she will need to expect a special notice of the hearing in the mailbox.

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If you or perhaps your loved ones were arrested for driving under the influence in Redmond, Washington, do not hesitate and get in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced Redmond DUI lawyer at the earliest opportunity.

In most cases, the prosecution in Redmond will file charges within 3-6 weeks after the arrest took place. Different cases may take longer, due to their extensive nature – increasing number of witnesses, various additional circumstances and so on. Do not forget that the prosecution will have up to 2 years from the date of your arrest to file Redmond DUI charges against you.

The arraignment hearing will be the first hearing you will attend. This is the very initial step in the whole court procedure. During the arraignment the prosecutor will formally charge you with the crime and judge will ask you to plea to charges. In addition, the court will go over your legal rights and will ask you whether you wish to hire a legal representative.

According to every defendant’s circumstances during the arraignment, the court may talk about bail, travel restrictions as well as release conditions.

If you or perhaps your loved ones were arrested for driving under the influence in Redmond, Washington, it is very important, crucial even, to get in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experience DUI attorney as soon as possible. Defending such cases is very challenging and you will need a good criminal lawyer by your side throughout the entire process.

Here at Kleyner Law Offices, we are always prepared to provide you with qualified as well as skillful Redmond DUI lawyers. Using our skills and expertise, we are certain that we are more than capable of handling even the most challenging DUI cases.

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