Second DUI Offense


Consequences of a Second DUI Offense

Second DUIIt is a serious crime to commit a DUI offense for the first time in your life, but it is even worse if you have managed to break the law for a second time. If you or your loved ones are charged with a DUI offense for a second time, you will not only be facing expensive fines, restitution, court fees, mandatory alcohol awareness classes, installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, obligatory community service and the loss of your driver’s license – you are also going to face jail time, which is probably one of the most frightening perspectives of them all.

When it comes to a DUI cases, there are two main steps that you will have to take. First of all, due to the fact that you might lose your driver’s license, you will need to go through a DOL (Department of Licensing) hearing in order to challenge the decision of suspending your license and you will also need to face the criminal court, where the judge and the prosecutors will decide your future. Furthermore, do not forget about the impact that a DUI offense may have on your career. Having DUI criminal records in your personal background is very detrimental for your work – very few employers will be eager to provide you with a decent position.

As for the DOL hearing, it is perhaps even more challenging than your court hearing, since the Department of Licensing was granted broader authority in terms of your driver’s license fate. Since the 90s the DOL was the one to decide whether you are going to keep your license or lose it.

Also, during a criminal hearing in court it is very important to remember all the rights you have, which include:

  • The right to an attorney
  • The right to a jury trial
  • The right to cross examine witnesses
  • The right to subpoena witnesses at no cost

It is very important that you use your every right in order to deal with consequences of a second DUI.

If you or your loved ones are determined to avoid jail time on their second DUI offense, there are three general ways to do so: electronic monitoring, probation (with all its terms and conditions) and beating the case, which may happen if the prosecution does not have any strong arguments on the case.

The minimal jail sentence for a second time DUI offender is 90 days. Sure enough, you will not want to spend that much time behind bars. If so, probation is the only viable option, since it will allow shortening the time to 96 hours. However, you will have to follow every single rule that the judge will impose on you – you will need to stay out of trouble all the way and you will be heavily monitored by the law enforcement authorities. If you were charged with second DUI offense, contact a Seattle DUI attorney today!

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